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Disney Fan Lives Happily Ever After in This Disney-Inspired Home

Credit: @kelseymichelle85
Disney fanatics dream about what it would be like to live in the worlds of their favorite Disney movies or Disney Park. Some make those dreams a reality by staying in a Walt Resort Hotel. Others might add some magical Disney touches to their homes. Well, then there are those who dump the whole container of faith, trust, and pixie dust on their house and it turns out especially magical. This magical transformation is exactly what @kelseymichelle85 achieved in her home. Immersing Disney fans into their favorite movies, Kelsey shared her magical, Disney-inspired home on Instagram. Let&;s take a look at her castle together!

Welcome Mat

This Mickey mat gives a warm &;Hiya Pal!&;-sort-of welcome to all the guests who enter this happy place.

Tangled Living Room

My inner Disney princess gleams and glows as I look at this royal living room. It has just the right number of Tangled accents and regal touches of gold.

Cinderella Master Bedroom

My heart will be making wishes about this dream of a bedroom. Maybe kind little bluebirds help its occupant to get ready in the morning. The color scheme of this room is similar to the new color scheme of Walt Disney World&x2019;s Cinderella Castle update!

Cinderella Cave

Cinderella is so enchanting that Kelsey figured her twice in her magical home. Dream big, Princess!

Ariel Bathroom

Life must be the bubbles in this cheerful bathroom. I think the seaweed would seem greener if this bathroom were &x201C;part of your world.&x201D; That mermaid scale tile and the dinglehopper display make me wish for a life &x201C;under the sea.&x201D; It reminds me of the bathrooms featured in Disney&x2019;s Art of Animation Resort in The Little Mermaid rooms.

Snow White Hallway

Beware the Evil Queen as you pass through this hallway, but if you dare, maybe the mirror will whisper who the fairest of them all really is.

Enchanted Tiki Guest Room

This room croons &x201C;Welcome to our tropical hideaway, you lucky people, you!&x201D; Kelsey&x2019;s guests would feel like part of the show as they bask in the island vibes this bedroom radiates. It makes me ready to head to right now! The Lion King throw is adorable and fits right into this enchanting room.

Alice in Wonderland Bathroom

Things are getting curiouser and curiouser on our virtual tour. Why, it almost looks as though we&x2019;ve fallen down a rabbit hole!

Aladdin Bathroom

Even if you cannot touch an endless diamond sky like Aladdin and Jasmine, this bathroom brings that feeling into reality. The curtains dance with twinkle lights and those lamps must have come straight from Agrabah&x2019;s marketplace.

Lady and the Tramp Nursery

There must be something wonderful and grand about this nursery. It is perfect for the little star sweeper who is sure to be cozy cuddled up with Duffy!

Peter Pan Nook

And what would a Disney-inspired home be without Tinker Bell? This figure reminds me of her sparkling finale during Happily Ever After at Walt Disney World Resort!

Lilo and Stitch Living Room

&;Ohana means family. This living room would be a great place to rest after a long day of surfing &x2018;til the sun sets beyond the horizon. Also, you&x2019;ve got to love that pineapple pet bed in the corner. What a sweet accent! If Kelsey has inspired you to create Disney-inspired home, or even just made you want to see more, follow @kelseymichelle85 on Instagram.

So go, live your dream of creating the best Disney-inspired home you can make. After all, Kelsey has proved that your &x201C;Happily Ever After&x201D; might be just a dream away!

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Source: Disney Fan Lives Happily Ever After in This Disney-Inspired Home

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